Who We Are

We are a diverse and dynamic team of young individuals with complementing skills that enables us to offer you high quality services. Supported by a large community of likeminded people we work together to make your dreams reality.

Solution as a Service

With our end to end delivery model, we provide cost effective services with reduced risk factors. You have a one stop spot for entire software solutions with Inheaden. You can rest assured of the best integrated support services for all the products and services we deliver.

"End-2-End Service"


Continuous reinvention of ideas are required to keep up with the demand while staying relevant to the business. Get onboard with our consultants on a journey to uncover the potential of your business.

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Product Development

Our skilled and seasoned developers will support you on the journey to strategize your business potential by providing the most cutting edge design and software development services.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Our steps cover beyond building software for you. We offer complete solutions, hosting services, improvements and requirement-based services to maintain and support your growing business needs.

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Startup vs Small Business

Small businesses tend to play it safe. Startups, on the other hand, are the wild cards. They seek exponential growth, thriving to be better and do better every step of the way...